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Longhaulpaul's Chasing The Cure

Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000,000.00

Total Number of Gifts: 90
Total Value of Gifts: $11,870.00


Lincoln Andrews

William Riccardi

Patrick MacRoy


Albert & Maria Lanzillotti

Joel Davidson

Vincent Curren


Jenny Strauss

Russell Neal

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A Man with MS...A motorcycle... A million miles....

Donate to Paul Pelland's extreme rides, world record attempts and ridiculous stunts here!

As the only rider crazy enough to even think about riding an unreliable Russian URAL motorcycle in the 2001 "World's Toughest Motorcycle Competition", NH rider Paul Pelland is no stranger to tackling incredible challenges. So when he made the decision he was not going to let being diagnosed with MS slow him down, he did so in a big way. Recalculating his life's road, he is now documenting riding one million miles for MS, raising awareness and funds to help find a cure. His Endless Road Tour includes record attempts, extreme rides as well as travelling the country as a patient advocate speaking at various MS patient events, empowering others to "Find their road" as well. He speaks at motorcycle rallies and events, writes for both motorsports and health magazines as well as the entertaining blog Mileposts on his website. In Less than four years of this odyssey, he set a world record, started the MS5000 motorcycle challenge and through these efforts raised $90,000 for the National MS Society.
Follow his adventures, and donate to his fund to show your support of Paul's quest to document riding one million miles Chasing the Cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

His journey can be followed on his website

Longhaulpaul set his first World Record!

September 29, 2012
Longhaulpaul Set His First World Record and Continues The Endless Road Tour to Raise Awareness and Funds For MS Through His Motorcycle Adventures!
Paul is the first rider to ever document the....
100 SADDLES-Sore 1000
He rode 1000 miles in under 24 hours, and did so using 100 different motorcycles!

MS5000 Motorcycle Challenge- $85,000 so far!

Since 2013, hundreds of riders from across the USA and Canada have signed up to ride Paul's MS5000 fundraiser for the National MS Society.
As of 2016, the total raised for this event is $85,000!

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