2020 MuckFest Denver

Some Nerve

Multiple Sclerosis kinda sucks - nope I take that back it REALLY SUCKS! 

Hi everyone my name is Carl and my daughter Heather has multiple sclerosis (MS).  She was diagnosed at age 14 and has been living with, and kicking this miserable monster's A$$ for 10 years.  The MS Society has been there for us at every turn, they are an amazing organization supporting us as well as  millions of others battling this disease.

We (Team Some Nerve) have been riding the MS-150 for 10 years and we love it.  This year we are branching out and also going to do MuckFest!!  If you want to join us in this wacky event, or donate to a Some Nerve team member,  we would love your participation.

Thank you so much,


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