2020 MuckFest New Jersey

Mucker Cluckers


 Here it is, about to be 2020. After being diagnosed with MS December 2015, I thought my world was going to drastically change. I have MS. MS doesn't have me!!! Theres days I walk into walls and constantly drop stuff. Days I'm so tired I nap for hours and theres days I can't even finish what I'm saying because........... BRAINFART. I've done a lot of research on MS and the outlook for my future doesn't look the brightest, but for right now, we can raise money for research and fight back!!

Please join me on my 3rd 5k Muckrun and make a little donation! Anything and everything helps! I have started a team this year to hopefully get more people involved and raise more money! My personal goal is $250 but the team goal is $1000!!!

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