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Hike MS Keystone 2018: Locally Powered by Anthem

Homer, our mascot, at last year's hike.
Homer, our mascot, at last year's hike.

Team Klein

This will be Nadene's 7th hike and Steve's 5th.  As always, Homer will be with us too as team mascot!  Nadene was diagnosed in January 2012, so we want to help others cope with living with MS.  We are very proud to be able to participate in this hike and contribute to a worthy cause.  We've formed a team for Hike MS because we want to experience a great event and help the National MS Society fund research, advocate for change, and help people with MS. We believe in this cause. Can we count on your help?

Multiple sclerosis interrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body.  With the help of people like you, the National MS Society can provide resources to drive research for disease management and provide programs and services for people affected by MS.

Please join us! There are so many ways to help:

  • Join our team as a hike participant
  • Register as a virtual participant
  • Make a donation online
  • Send in a check
  • Forward this to everyone you know 
  • Talk to your employer about becoming a sponsor of Hike MS or find out about their matching gift program.

However you join, thank you for joining the movement!

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Please send non-cash donations to our secure lock box at:

National MS Society
Hike MS Colorado
900 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209

*Please be sure to include the Participant's name and team name with your check

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Progress: 100%

Goal $500.00 Achieved $500.00

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