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Event Details

MS Harborfest is a three-day festival (August 19-21, 2016) of sailboats, tugboats, and lobster boats combined with a shoreside benefit auction celebrating the glory of the Portland waterfront. Founded in 1982 as the MS Regatta by Merle Hallett of Handy Boat and Dan Wellehan of Sebago, Inc., it has grown into an array of pleasure boats and working boats all under the banner of MS Harborfest. Since that first race 35 years ago, the weekend-long event has raised more than $3 million to help the National Multiple Sclerosis Society help everyone affected by MS to live their best lives as we stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost, and end MS forever.

Join the fleet of sailboat captains, lobster boat racers, tugboat crews, and auction attendees and join the movement to create a world free of multiple sclerosis. The money you raise at MS Harborfest provides vital MS services and cutting-edge MS research to help more than 3,000 Mainers and 2.3 million worldwide who are living with multiple sclerosis.

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MS Regatta Information

MS Harborfest Auction

MS Benefit Auction

An Exceptional Charitable Auction

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Harborfest sailbot with lighthouse

MS Regatta

Would you like to cure multiple sclerosis?
You can. Your sailboat can.

Event Details
2013 Harborfest Tugboat Muster

MS Lobster Boat Racing & Tugboat Muster

Join us for a celebration of Portland’s working waterfront

Lobster Boats
MS Regatta Sponsors

Sponsors and Vendors

MS Harborfest is a unique and fun event for anyone who attends!

Sponsors and Vendors

Progress: 24.5709%

Goal $110,000.00 Achieved $27,028.00

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Fueling Progress

We are the largest private funder of MS research in the world.
There are more therapies approved for treating MS — and more in the pipeline — than at any other time in history.
People affected by MS have access to more life-changing services than ever.

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