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Our goal—a world free of MS.

I am so excited to announce that this year my wife and I will be representing Moore Soccer Academy in the Boston Climb MS - a vertical 5K climb up the 200 flights of stairs of the famous John Hancock building, the tallest building in Boston, an event hosted by the National MS Society in order to raise awareness and funds for the MS Society as they assist those who have Multiple Sclerosis and help fight for research for a cure! This cause is one that MSA will be continuing to support, as this incurable disease affects so many people’s lives, including my own.

I have had many different titles in my life, many of them having to do with soccer. While my athletic achievements have absolutely been some of the highlights of my life. But one of the most privileged titles I’ve been blessed to have in this life, Ian husband to my wife. My wife- as many of you may know, my wife has beautiful eyes, she has soul full of grace, and she has my whole heart - but as many of you may not know, my wife also has MS. When I took on the title of being her husband, I also took on the title and role of caretaker.

Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of the time my wife is the one taking care of me! Whether that’s through supporting me in my business, making healthy foods, keeping our home warm and lovely, helping out with my daughter- her step daughter, or just by loving me unconditionally. I’m proud of the way she handled her diagnosis three years ago at the age of 25 and I’m proud of how she handles her disease today - trying to eat right and exercise, keeping up with her medications and up to date with her infusion therapy; she truly does her best to take care of herself.

But on the days when taking care of herself is just not an option- whether its physically, mentally or emotionally- I take on my title as caretaker and live up to that role the best way I know how. When most people will see her smile and say, “But you look like you’re doing so well!”, I see the pain and tiredness on the inside that she can often hide so well, I see the invisible bruises on this woman who’s tried to get back up the 100 times MS has tried to knock her down that week. I can see it because I’m her husband, I’m her caretaker.

Chronic illness does not just affect the person who has the diagnosis, everyone close to the person has their own personal experience with the disease. For me, my experience has been learning more about Multiple Sclerosis and about all the pain, discomfort and disability it can cause. I have felt frustrated and overwhelmed at times. But my experience has also been a positive one- one of growing in patience, growing in empathy, growing in my faith, and growing in love and appreciation for my wife as she lives with this often “invisible” illness (which can sometimes be even more difficult to deal with than a clearly visible one). Her Multiple Sclerosis has forced us to prioritize what is truly important in our lives - what is worth our time, energy, and resources and what most benefits our bodies, minds, and spirits.

But as MS is an ever changing and progressing disease, we are both in a continual learning process in how to best fight this disease. I was given the option to take on the role of caretaker as my wife was diagnosed before we started dating, but I know many caretakers were not given the option of whether they wanted to take on the caretaker role. I commend those who did not have the choice but took on the role in stride despite the challenges and uncertainty of an unpredictable disease. Appreciation and support is absolutely due to you as well!

So on March 2nd each step we take will be in support of the caretakers who go through their own experience with MS. Each step will to support the MS society and bring awareness to all the good it does for people affected by MS. Each step will be for the doctors and researchers treating patients and diligently searching for a cure. But most importantly, as we climb each step, it will be for all those who have Multiple Sclerosis, the warriors out there fighting against their own bodies that are waging war on them.

I want to end this post with a very fond memory of when my wife and I first discussed her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. She shared with me a recent conversation she had had with our Pastor, and she had asked him what man would want to marry her and take on “all of this” (referring to the present and future of her MS). Our Pastor responded, “The man who will “take that on” is the man who God designed to do exactly that”.

I am thankful God chose me and continues to equip me to be that man. I pray in faith that I always will be.

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