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2017 Team Smilin' Phil
2017 Team Smilin' Phil

Smilin' Phil Will Kill MS



MS is close to our heart because our son/brother Phil was diagnosed in 2005. Please read his letter below that shares his story, and his current status with some new treatments. The picture to left is our team 2017. We were fortunate enough to be the cover photo for 2017 AZ NMSS Walk. 2018 we had over 40 walkers and lots of virtual walkers.

Due to the generosity of friends and family we raised raising $94,877 over the past 7 years. This year our goal is $25,000 for 2018 and we will surpass that goal before the end of the year..  

2012 $3,475.00

2013 $11,706.00

2014 $12,243.00

2015   $7,661.00

2016 $11,643.00

2017 $23,089.87

2018  $25,000.00 as of November 6

It is because of all of you that have supported Team Smilin' Phil that we have contribute $94,877.87 to MS Research over the past 7 years.


As you probably already know, our family is committed to raising money to help find a cure for MS. Next year we will once again sponsor a team for the Arizona MS Walk on November 2, 2019. To join our team as either a walker or a donor or both, please click the link Donate to Sybil's Team. All of the funds will funnel to MS under Team Smilin' Phil.

MS is close to our heart because our son/brother Phil was diagnosed in 2005. Please read the letter below that shares his story, and his current status with some new treatments.

We hope you’ll join Team Smilin’ Phil on November 3!

Sybil and Shelby Yastrow Mom and Dad

Sara and Bob Silver Sister and Brother in Law

Steve and Arna Yastrow Brother and Sister in Law

Phil and Jayne Yastrow

Hello from Phil Yastrow

Good news--not great news, but good news. Great news would be that we found a cure for MS. Good news is we are making a lot of progress.

When I was diagnosed with MS in 2005 there were only 4 drugs to stop or even slow the damage from MS. Today there are fifteen! The increasing amount of research is a result of the increasing awareness of this terrible disease. Donations from individuals like you who want to see the end of MS are making a difference — a REAL difference. It is undeniable that more money will lead to the faster discovery of a cure.

About a year ago I was selected for a clinical trial for the first drug claimed to repair the damage caused by MS. It is hard to say if I am being cured after just 9 months, but I have a very high level of confidence we are on the right path.

The other MS drugs are meant to slow down and hopefully stop the damage caused by the immune system destroying the fiber surrounding the nerves (the myelin) For the last 5 months, I have started treatment from the newest of these drugs, Ocrevus. The results appear to be promising.
My mobility problems are not gone; however, they have stabilized and I am learning how to better deal with them. The best way is to take advantage of the early hours in the day and limit activity in the later hours. I have researched other variables such as temperature and altitude, which is proof my engineering mind hasn’t been compromised!!!

Things are going well, but I want them to be going GREAT for myself and all the other people who are dealing with this terrible disease.

I encourage you to join Team Smilin’Phil and go to http://main.nationalmssociety.org/goto/ShelbyDay2018 and search for a cure!
(My mom is anxiously awaiting an email from NMSS that you have joined the team).

Thanks to all of you for supporting Smilin’ Phil Kill MS!

Best regards to all,


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