Walk MS: Walnut Creek 2018

THANKS for your support!
THANKS for your support!

Pear's Pack

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Team Goal: $1 MILLION - THIS is the year! An anonymous donor will match the first $40k in individual donations to help propel us to $1 million!

Our Pear's Pack grand total raised is over $920,000 - 100% funding research

Responding to the critical need to attract top MS researchers, all of your gift will fund a very refined focus, unique to Pear's Pack.  In partnership with the National MS Society and UCSF, promising young doctors will receive special training to develop the complex skills involved with MS clinical trials to accelerate much needed research and treatments.

Pear's Pack is the #1 fundraising team and has received numerous local and national awards. With your help, we're making an impact on MS.

CLICK a TEAMMATE BELOW to DONATE  (Please IGNORE red donate buttons.)


MS is a central nervous system disease that interrupts information flow between the brain and body. It stops people from moving. The progress, severity and symptoms cannot yet be predicted, but research is moving us closer to a world free of MS.


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Progress: 102.9687%

Goal $135,000.00 Achieved $139,007.75

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