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Event Details

For 12 years, the National MS Society has partnered with Federal Express and the Portland International Jetport to present this unique and popular fundraising event. The MS Plane Pull is a giant tug-of-war between your team and a huge aircraft weighing more than 72 tons! More details ...

2017 Results

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2015 Plane Pull Portland tug rope

Event Details

How it works and the awards your team can win.

Event Details
2015 Plane Pull Portland Wallgreens cheer


Your fundraising changes the lives of people affected by MS.

2015 Plane Pull Portland Stantec


Be a super hero and join a team or be a team CAPTAIN!

2015 Plane Pull Portland vendors

Vendors and Sponsors

MS Plane Pull is a unique and fun event for anyone who attends!

Vendors and Sponsors

Progress: 67.8348%

Goal $47,000.00 Achieved $31,882.34

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Fueling Progress

We are the largest private funder of MS research in the world.
There are more therapies approved for treating MS — and more in the pipeline — than at any other time in history.
People affected by MS have access to more life-changing services than ever.

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