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We're cycling towardtaking a step towardsfundraising to create a world free of MS.

We started out in 2011 as a Jeep club called Twisted Offroad, but over the years, things change and we don't all have Jeeps these days...But since 2014, one thing has remained the same, and has woven us together as a team.  We have a desire to raise money for the Colorado/Wyoming Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis  Society by riding in Bike MS as Team Twisted Mojo.  Whether you have a Jeep or not, or weather you're some kind of cycling ninja or straight off the couch - all levels are welcome to join us to help our common goal - raise money for the CO/WY NMSS, and have a blast doing it by participating in Bike MS.

Bike MS is a fundraising ride that changes the world for people affected by multiple sclerosis. MS is a devastating, unpredictable disease. Every mile we pedal and every dollar we raise brings us closer to a world free of MS.

We are preparing to go the distance with our training and commitment, and we’d love for you to be part of this incredible experience.
If you’d like to support us, please donate or join our team! We’ve set an ambitious goal because we know that with support from people like you, we can get there.
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Bike MS: Colorado 2020

June 27 - 28, 2020
30 mile Fort Collins loop (Saturday only) OR 71, 89, 100 miles
Westminster, Colorado

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