Event Details

August 15, 2020

Anywhere, USA!

Virtual Event Details

Choose to virtually climb any of our three buildings. Or, choose the trifecta – all three of our iconic buildings!


Register by July 31 to receive our Climb bandana to show off to your friends. Already registered? We will be mailing you one!


It’s not quite brunch, but gather with us for a raucous virtual kickoff at 9 a.m. ET/PT on August 15 before you start your personal challenge.

We’re going virtual for 2020 Climb to the Top! And, because it’s virtual, anyone, anywhere can participate in Climb to the Top: Coast to Coast. Have a cousin in St. Louis? Invite them to climb with you! Friends looking for something to do in Bozeman, Montana? Invite them to climb with you! Oh, and because we’ve gone virtual, there’s no age limit. Bring the whole family!

You will be able to virtually climb any of the three buildings in the Climb to the Top Series. Or, if you’re feeling like a total superstar, you can select the Trifecta – all THREE of our buildings.

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Here’s how it’s going to work

There are two ways to “climb” our buildings: Run or walk a 5K for every building you want to climb, or climb vertically (your stairs, a hill, a park bench) for an average of 25 minutes for every building you want to climb. More on how to track that in the instructions below.

However you choose to climb, you ensure our incredible progress and momentum toward a cure continues with force, while we meet the urgent needs of our community during this unprecedented time. Through Climb to the Top: Coast to Coast you are joining a community across the country committed to changing the world for everyone affected by multiple sclerosis, no matter what. Even in times of uncertainty, no one should have to face MS alone.

Step 1 – Registration

Participating in Climb to the Top: Coast to Coast is easy! First, register as a Virtual Participant on this site so we know you're participating, and so you can fundraise!

If you’re already registered for one of our three "they weren’t initially virtual" Climbs (New York, Boston or San Francisco) you don’t need to do anything! You’re already registered for one of those events and have access to all of the fundraising tools you need.

Step 2 – Get the App

Download the Charity Miles App and register for your city, or the Trifecta, so that you can count your activity. Run or walk a 5K for every building you want to climb, or climb vertically (your stairs, a hill, a park bench) for an average of 25 minutes for every building you want to climb. The app will track your distance or time but does not fully track "stairs" so we’re on the honor system here. You will be prompted to select the kind of activity you will be doing in the app when you're ready to start your challenge.

You can also choose the Trifecta and climb for 75 minutes total, or run 15K. The best part you can do this from anywhere, you don’t need to spend thousands on airfare to fly from New York to Boston to San Francisco and back. Bonus!

Download the app:

Make sure you get the app sooner than later because we have a few challenges built into the app to get you ready for the big day.

Step 3 – It’s time to Climb!

We’ll gather online August 15 for two premieres of our sure-to-be raucous and inspiring kick-off at 9 a.m. ET and 9 a.m. PT. Check back soon for more information on our online kick-off.

After the kick-off go forth and tackle your personal challenge of choice tracking your progress in the app. When you complete your challenge, you’ll be able to see the view from the building you just “climbed” (virtually of course) as well as a leaderboard of everyone who has completed their challenges.

While you’re climbing, or after you finish, we have stickers for your Insta Stories as well as frames for you to use on social to spread the word! (More on those in our toolkit section)

Swag? Did somebody say swag?

Yeah. We’ve got that.

If you are already registered for Climb to the Top, or register before July 31, you will receive a brand-new orange Climb bandana in the mail to wear on event day, August 15. Show it off in those selfies and in your stories and don’t forget to use #ClimbMS. We know you’re definitely going to need something to mop that sweat from your brow, too.

For those who raise the minimum $250, you will receive a t-shirt post-event as well as a finisher medal. For those who complete the Trifecta we will also send a special charm to add to your medal so you can show it off to your friends and family, or place it above your mantle. You will also receive any fundraising prizes you qualified for.

You’re going to need some tools to share your experience

We’ve been developing special toolkits for this event! Here are some that are available to you:

Facebook Profile Frames

Raise awareness by adding a Climb to the Top frame to your Facebook profile image:

  1. Visit Facebook's profile picture frames page (see Facebook's help page if you need assistance)
  2. Select 'Add a Frame'
  3. Search 'Climb to the Top'
  4. Select frame

Stories GIFs

Share your passion for Climb to the Top by including these stickers in your Stories! Right-click to download each image or search for mssociety in Stories to add to your story! Note that all 3 GIFs have transparent backgrounds.


Questions? Reach out to Fundraising Support.