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About Us

Cheryl Hile is the first person with Multiple Sclerosis to run a marathon on all 7 continents. During the adventure, she met incredible people with MS who are runners or want to become runners. Cheryl dreamed of bringing everyone together, so she built team “Run A Myelin My Shoes” for the Detroit Marathon, Half & 5K in 2018. She had 96 teammates: 55 in Detroit and another 41 virtual teammates who joined them in solidarity from all 7 continents!

In November 2019, the team has more tripled to an astounding 287 teammates: 162 ran and walk in the Richmond Marathon, Half and 8K. Another 125 virtual teammates from all continents. The team represented 44 states and 14 countries.

For 2020, we have decided to make our team event all-virtual. Concern for the health and safety of our teammates is first and foremost.

Please see our website to learn more on joining our fabulous team.


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About MS

MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the myelin sheath in the Central Nervous System. It is the one disease with the most symptoms because it compromises the body’s control center. Symptoms can include fatigue, pain, numbness, cognitive issues and physical impairments. But Cheryl's team is showing the world they can keep pushing forward. Some teammates use medical devices, trekking poles and even walkers to stay active to the best of their abilities!

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Run a Myelin My Shoes is proving that it is possible to move forward despite a debilitating disease. They want to motivate and inspire others with (or without) MS to never give up! Please support our cause!

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