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F.A.M.S. is a group of families that united to help make the world better for those affected by MS. F.A.M.S is focused on raising funds for the National MS Society, providing a family like support system for those affected directly or indirectly by MS and spreading awareness about pediatric MS.

We conduct fundraisers, solicit sponsors and seek donations on behalf of the NMSS. One hundred percent of the profits collected by F.A.M.S. is donated to the NMSS. Each member of the Board of Directors is a volunteer that donates their time and energy. There is no paid staff at F.A.M.S. Our Board of Directors give their time freely to maintain and improve our website, organize our fundraising team, manage social media accounts, spread awareness of MS and pediatric MS through activism and public speaking, and helps provide support for those who need it.

MS doesn’t just affect the person who is diagnosed. It affects those around them as well. People with MS often need support from their family and friends. The support needed may be physical, emotional or financial. We recognize how important family is in the fight against MS which is why our families joined together to form a larger family unit to battle against MS. F.A.M.S. is a family of its own. Our goal is to help eradicate this disease but also make living with it as comfortable as possible for those affected. Once you join our team, our family, you will experience the joys of helping others and the benefits of a unique support system that understands and cares.

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