Fundraising Ideas

Your fundraising fuels cutting-edge research and provides critical services to help the MS community live their best lives! Here are some tips and tools to make fundraising a breeze.

5 Ways to Get Started

  1. Set a goal and aim high.
  2. Personalize your Fundraising Center by sharing your story of why you walk. Need some extra help? Check out our Fundraising Center Guide.
  3. Make a self-donation to kickstart your fundraising. Show people why ending MS matters to you.
  4. Use the power of social media to share your story, videos and photos, and launch a Facebook Fundraiser.
  5. Get creative! Below you’ll find some ideas to inspire your fundraising creativity.

Fundraising Ideas

Review the ideas below and embrace creativity as you identify new and safe ways to fundraise for Walk MS. Be sure to adhere to any state or county COVID-19 health orders, and review the CDC prevention recommendations. Fundraise in ways that are fun and safe for you and your family and friends.


  • Offer Donor Incentives
    For example, for each $50 donation you receive, offer to post a goofy video of yourself dancing in honor of the donor; for each $20 donation, send your donor a handmade thank you card; or, for each $10 donation you receive create a doodle and send it to your donor. Customize these donor incentives by showcasing your talents!
  • Dinner Party or Wine Tasting
    Invite people to a socially-distanced or online dinner or wine tasting party once they donate. Everyone can share their favorite dish or wine and explain why it’s their favorite.
  • Garage Sale
    Do some spring cleaning and have a garage sale. You can host this sale in person, online or email and text pictures of items for sale. Get others to join your sale, too!
  • Lip Sync Battle
    Ask team members to send you videos of themselves lip-synching to their favorite song. You set a time to showcase all the submissions and let friends, family and co-workers vote for their favorite with their donation dollars. The person with the most donations wins! Variations of this event include a pet or kid photo contest.
  • No-bake Bake Sale
    Host a no bake, bake sale. Instead of cooking, have people donate to you what they would have spent making baked goods for a sale.
  • Activity Night
    Host an activity night. Encourage donors to contribute a set amount to participate in a socially-distanced or online experience. Activity examples:
    - Bingo
    - Cooking Class
    - Trivia
    - Exercise/Yoga class
    - Dance party
    - Concert
  • Matching Gifts
    Many companies offer matching gifts, which double or even triple donations with no extra effort on your end. Find out how.
  • Pub Trivia or Game Night
    Host a virtual game night or tournament, with a $25 buy-in where everyone brings their own gameboard, cards or dice to the video call.

Around Your House and Neighborhood

  • Grocery Pick-up or Delivery
    Offer to deliver or pick-up groceries for family, friends and neighbors in exchange for donations.
  • IOUs
    Offer “IOUs” for future activities such as dinners, errands or general chores in exchange for a donation.
  • Favorite Things
    Create lists of your favorite things like books, movies, crafts, school worksheets for kids, distraction techniques and share them for a donation.
  • Orange Ribbons
    Cut orange ribbons and sell them to your friends, family and co-workers. You can either mail the ribbons to donors or offer to hang them in your window with their name printed on them. Don’t forget to post photos using #walkMS.
  • Note for Your Neighbors
    Put a note on your neighbors’ doors letting them know you are participating in Walk MS. Ask them to join your team and make a donation.

Social Media and Email

  • Facebook Fundraising
    Link your fundraising page to Facebook. Learn how to do it on our Fundraising with Social Media page.
  • Fundraising Link in Emails
    Remember to include your fundraising link on all outgoing emails, and texts. Also, re-record your voicemail to include a mention about Walk MS and include a request for friends to contact you about donating.
  • Share on Social Media
    Ask friends to share your story, content and posts on social media or forward your emails. Also, tag your past donors as a reminder to give.
  • Use the Hashtag
    Post and share videos and photos using #walkMS.
  • Venmo
    Request a $5 donation/payment from each of your Venmo friends to support your Walk MS fundraising efforts.
  • 50 States Fundraising Challenge
    The goal is to collect a donation from friends and co-workers in all 50 states. Use this map to track the donations received and share it on social media. This challenge opens the door to reach out to potential donors you may have previously overlooked.
  • Fundraising Bingo
    A creative way to boost or surpass your fundraising goal is by selling these squares to your family, friends and coworkers.
  • Adopt a Shoe
    Starting as low as $5, share this graphic with contacts and ask for their support.

Inspired Event Weekend Plans

  • Video Testimonial
    Create a short video testimonial and post it on social media. Let everyone know why you're fundraising and why Walk MS is important to you. Thank current donors and ask for new donations.
  • Orange Car Parade
    Everyone on your team decorates the outside of their car with streamers, balloons and signs.
  • Make a Playlist
    Create a Walk MS weekend playlist and connect on the Rave app to party with your teammates and friends.
  • Get Team T-shirts Ready
    Create and order team T-shirts from our national Walk MS vendor to receive a $1 donation to your team for every shirt you order! Wear these shirts proudly on the day of the Walk (and any other time) to raise awareness. You can also sell sponsorships and showcase them on your T-shirt.
  • Signs of Hope
    Make signs of hope to show why you support the National MS Society and participate in Walk MS. Post them in your windows on event weekend to share with your neighbors.
  • Group Video Call
    Just because you can't meet in-person, doesn't mean you can't hang with your team! Use apps like Houseparty or Zoom to have a group video call. Take pictures and share using #walkMS to show everyone your team spirit!
  • Connected with Care
    When participating in Walk MS, buddy up with another person and each of you hold the end of a six-foot orange ribbon to maintain physical distance and raise MS awareness.