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Marilyn J. Neu "Help Defeat MS" Slingball Memorial Fund

Marilyn with her boys, Carter-left, Randy-right

Marilyn with her boys, Carter-left, Randy-right

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Team Fundraising Goal: $10,000.00

Total Number of Gifts: 5
Total Value of Gifts: $265.00

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Marilyn Jean Albertson was born in Port Angeles, Washington on January 24, 1944 the first child of Sally and Gene Albertson. Her father saw her briefly and did not see her again for 2 ? years while he served as a chaplain in WW II. He returned to see a cute little girl who immediately recognized him, since Sally had never let his image fade by showing "Daddy's" picture to her nearly every day.

She moved with her family to Ferndale, Wa. where her father served as pastor of a Methodist church, and then on to Hillsboro, Or. to serve another church.

Marilyn was an outstanding student through out her life, played the piano and sang in choirs. She graduated from Hillsboro High School in 1962 and went to the University of Puget Sound. There she sang in the Adelphian's, a traveling choir. She transferred to Portland State University and ultimately graduated in 1966 from the University of Oregon with a teaching degree.

In 1965 she married Roger Neu and they had 2 children, Randy and Carter. Marilyn taught school for about 3 years in Tigard and Eugene, and then was a stay at home mom,volunteering at the church and schools.

Marilyn was a fun loving, "good" person that everyone liked. She rarely got mad or upset. She enjoyed her boys and life with Roger. They traveled, enjoyed their extended family, camped, whitewater rafted and attended Trail Blazers games.

In 1970 Marilyn was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). At first the symptoms were minor and seemed to disappear for a period of nearly 10-15 years. However in the mid 1980's symptoms reappeared. From late 1994, Marilyn required skilled nursing care.

In spite of a body that was slowly shutting down, Marilyn always had a positive attitude. She appreciated every nurse, friend, and family member that assisted her in dealing with the affects of MS. Her legacy will be her ability to maintain a "positive attitude" when others would have been bitter, or feeling sorry for themselves.

Marilyn is survived by her son Carter and wife Wendy, and son Randy and his wife Tracy along with their twin boys Lucas and Ramsay; mother, Sally Albertson; sister Kathy Warnaca & husband Doug; sister Margie & husband Peter; and sister Holly; and brother Ron and his wife Maggie.

Every year the Neu Brothers, Carter and Randy, host an annual "MJN" Slingball Tournament in Pacific City Oregon the last weekend of June, honoring their mother. Anyone can enter and participate with the majority of proceeds being donated to the Marilyn J. Neu Memorial Fund. The Invitation is below and to learn more about Slingball visit http://www.slingball.com.

You're invited by the Neu Brothers to participate in the 6th annual Marilyn J. Neu "MJN" Sling Ball Tournament. Forward on to others you know or friends we missed!

Please join us in celebrating the life of our mother Marilyn Jean Neu and supporting the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Our mom's outlook on life was all about being good to people and having fun. As a tribute to her, we are hosting the annual "MJN" Sling Ball tournament on the Oregon coast in Pacific City! If you have not played Sling Ball, never fear, it's super easy to play (http://www.slingball.com). Plus you get to hang out at the beach. Our goal is to get as many folks involved and raise money to research MS. RSVP to randy@slingball.com
No pressure, but if you are looking for a reason to go to the coast and have some fun...come on down!

Where: Pacific City, OR on beach next to Pelican Pub

When: Last Weekend of June, Sat. and Sun.

For tournament information click here: http://www.slingball.com/slingball_tournaments.html

Thanks for your support!
Randy & Carter Neu

The Neu Family
"Help defeat MS" visit http://www.slingball.com

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