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Eric Shaw

Just as with so many other goals we may set our sights on, the key to weight loss is motivation. Those who are most motivated are those who succeed. You need to keep your level of motivation high not just at the beginning of your weight loss journey, but throughout.

Tip #1. Weight loss motivation is about desire-not willpower. How much do you want to lose weight? Do you want to lose weight more than you want to eat fattening food? How much more do you want to shop for clothes you'd like to wear rather than those that cover you up? List all your reasons for wanting to lose weight, and for getting and staying slim and healthy. Add more reasons to your list as you think of them.

Tip #2. You've heard the expression, "See it. Achieve it." You have to visualize success. How will you look when you lose weight? How will you feel? What will you be looking forward to wearing? How will your clothes look on you? What will people be saying to you? What will you be doing that you can't or won't do now (skiing? on a sliding pond with your kids? wearing a bathing suit at the beach?)? Spend a few minutes each day (a great way to pass the time while waiting in line at the bank or while commuting to work) imagining and enjoying your future success.

Tip #3. If you have a lot of weight to lose, don't focus on that number; it'll be hard to sustain your focus. Instead, set benchmarks. Plan some activities throughout the year for which you'd like to be slimmer; for example-Valentine's Day, your birthday, an anniversary weekend away, your college reunion, Thanksgiving, etc.-your weight loss motivation dates! Plot out your goal weight for each event with a sensible rate of weight loss and use each milestone as a target. You should use the same strategy for weight maintenance to ensure you stay the same weight for each special date in your calendar.

Tip #4. Boost your weight loss motivation by promising yourself some non-food rewards for every little step you take as well as for major milestones. How about a spa day for each 5 lbs. lost? Fat Diminisher Review Wesley Virgin http://www.streetinsider.com/SI+Newswire/Fat+Diminisher+-+UPDATED+Review+Of+Wesley+Virgins+New+Weight+Loss+System/10878035.html Or, at every 10 pounds down, buy a book by your favorite author and allow time for yourself to read in peace. Or, a new outfit every 20 pounds? And each time you make a healthy choice rather than an available unhealthy choice (walking instead of taking the car, fresh fruit instead of cake) pat yourself on the back. Tell yourself that you're doing great, because you are!

Tip #5. Even if you hate the way you look, take a picture of yourself in a swimsuit at the start of your weight loss journey. Then, each month take another picture wearing the same suit. You will be more and more motivated as the bathing suit gets baggier while you shrink.

Tip #6. A great weight loss motivating tool is to keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings as you lose weight. At the start of the day quickly note down your intentions for the day, how you plan to eat healthily, what exercise you might plan to do, what strategies you need to adopt for particular events coming up that day. In the evening, review how your day went. If you go 'off,' don't berate yourself for any of the choices you made; see only what you learned from them. How did you feel after you made your choice? Was it still worth it? What would you do differently next time something similar comes up?

Tip #7. Listen to great music... the kind that makes you want to move and/or sing out loud because you just can't help yourself! Play those tracks whenever you need a pick-me-up, and if you're in your car, sing along out loud. If you're home, start moving your feet!

Tip #8. Sometimes you just to be honest with yourself and stop hiding behind excuses. Just decide for once and for all that you've had enough of being fat and you're going to do something about it. Take responsibility for your choices. Look at what's made you fat and how you have let that happen. Is it easier to make excuses? No, it isn't! It's far, far harder to stay as you are, unhealthy and unhappy with your body.

Tip #9. What's a better weight loss motivator?-slopping around in baggy clothes, berating yourself for how ugly you feel?... or, looking your best at whatever size or weight loss stage you're at, wearing clothes that fit properly and your hair and makeup done? You have to think of yourself as a beautiful person who is just trying to match the outside to the beautiful woman or man you are inside. Always take the time and make the effort to look as good as you can while you lose weight. Have at least two smart casual outfits that fit you perfectly rather than wearing too-tight clothes (because you refuse to buy a bigger size) or clothes that are too baggy (because you've lost weight, got too small for the clothes you have but refuse to buy anything new until you get to goal).

Tip #10. If you want to be a slim person, you have to think like a slim person. So, try to have a role model. Is there someone in your circle of friends, family or co-workers who you know eats right and has an active life? Someone you admire? Notice how that person acts around food, what they eat and how they eat. How do they fit exercise or tennis or golf into their busy lives? And don't hesitate to ask that person how they do it; tell them you consider them a role model. They'll be flattered, and no doubt be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Tip #11. Give some thought to training for a specific fitness event. For example, you could apply to run in a marathon planned for six months from now. Or, sign up for a 10-mile cancer fund raising walk. How about a bike tour in Europe next summer? Whichever you choose, let your commitment to participating in these events motivate you to achieve your goals by the dates of those events.

Tip #12. Lose weight for yourself. Let's face it: No one should care about our health and our looks more than we do, right? Your family and friends love you, but you may not get the encouragement you want. It is not uncommon for those around you to fear that you will change too much from the fat you that they know and love. More than anything, you need to do this because you love and value yourself, and because you want to be around for a long, long time... and enjoying every minute of it.

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