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Our Voice in Song at Walk MS

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation Proudly Continues Support of Walk MS

2016 marks the fifth consecutive year Novartis has supported Walk MS as a national sponsor. And returning this year as a part of Novartis’ sponsorship is music artist and MS ambassador David Osmond sharing the Our Voice in Song campaign. Walk MS participants in nine markets Boston, MA; Columbus, OH; Toledo, OH; Jersey City, NJ; New York, NY; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Denver, CO; and Lansing, MI will be able to experience a live performance by David Osmond of his inspirational song “I Can Do This.” David’s song will also be played at Walk MS events nationwide for participants to enjoy and be inspired.

David Osmond
Our Voice in Song w/Btn

"Music motivates people and song conveys my feelings in ways that words alone cannot," explained David, a member of the iconic musical Osmond family. "I wrote 'I Can Do This' to inspire people with relapsing MS to do more than simply cope with the disease, and not let their MS define them. The language of music is universal and I hope that listeners share the song so its message may encourage people to draw upon their own inner strength to meet life’s challenges head-on."

The Our Voice in Song campaign is aimed to empower those with relapsing MS. David was diagnosed with MS at the age of 26. Since that time, he has become a vocal advocate for the MS community, sharing his experiences and his music, to help raise awareness of this condition.

You can learn more about the campaign and download your own copy of "I Can Do This" here.

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